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Salon Sustainability

I have always been conscious of being as eco friendly as possible and making sustainable changes to my home/personal life. However when it came to being sustainable in my beauty studio I had no idea where to begin. I wanted to find a supplier that not only sourced and sold sustainable products, but also shipped in a sustainable way. In March 2020 when the first COVID-19 lockdown hit I decided to really get my head down and research sustainability within the beauty industry and after lots of research and trial & error with different suppliers, I found Eco Salon Supplies.

Eco Salon Supplies is run but a fellow therapist Zee who started Eco Salon Supplies because for years she struggled to find sustainable salon alternatives. Eco Salon Supplies offer both salon alternatives and products to use within your home and self care routine.

Today I'm going to run through all of the sustainable changes I've made within my beauty studio.

Re-useable Nail Prep Squares

I use these prep squares for soaking off nail products like Gel Polish & Builder Gel. They are the perfect size to use with nail clips, hold on to the remover liquid and never dry out.

Made from Bamboo Cotton these handmade squares are lint free so they can also be used to clean the nail plate prior to application.

It is best to let the squares completely dry out (especially if you're using acetone) prior to washing them in your machine (or hand wash) at 30 degrees.

The prep squares are available in White & Black, they come in packs of 12 for £6.00.

Luxury Muslin Square

I absolutely love these muslin squares for nail prep prior to product application.

Luxury Muslin Squares are made from a thicker muslin fabric, this cloth really is multi-use, they can be used for nail prep, facials, brow and lash cleansing. They even come with a vegan leather tag for hanging.

Luxury Muslin Squares come in a pack of 2 for £8.00.

Biodegradable Nitrile Gloves

Theses are by far my favourite gloves and even better they are biodegrade, breaking down 10 times faster than nitrile gloves!

Biodegradable gloves are £17.50

Bamboo Disposables

Eco Salon Supplies Stock a wide range of Bamboo Disposables including, mascara wands, micro applicators, bamboo buds, bamboo brow brushes, disposable wooden wax spatulas, lip gloss applicators and bamboo micro applicators. These biodegradable options really help to reduce the impact of plastic pollution in the environment.

Bamboo Mascara Wands (50 Pack) £5.50

Bamboo Micro Applicators (50 Pack) £2.00

Biodegradable Bamboo Cotton Buds (400 Pack) £3.99

Micro Applicators (20 Pack) £5.50

Bamboo Lip Gloss Applicators (50 Pack) £6.50

Disposable Wooden Spatulas (Packs of 25 or 50) £2.00

Bamboo Brow Brushes (10 Pack) £5.00

Re-useable Nail File Pads

Re-useable nail file pads come in packs of 10 for £6.00 and are available in the following grits:

- 240

- 100

- 150

- 180

The reusable metal file base not included but can be bought separately for £5.00

Bamboo Nail Brush

Fun Fact! Did you know that Bamboo is naturally anti bacterial & anti fungal?

- 100% natural

- Bamboo wood

- Sisal bristles

- Clean with soap and water and reuse.

Fun Fact! Once finished chop into pieces and place into your compost heap where it will naturally break down.


Re-useable Cotton Pads & Cloths

Re-useable Cotton Pads

These anti stain, black cotton pads are handmade, double-layered reusable pads. They're perfect to use for pre & post waxing, cleansing lashes and brows and for nail services. Pack of 7 - £6.99

Cotton Re-useable Cloths

I use these cotton cloths for facials (black cloths) and for clients to dry their hands (white cloths). These cloths are 100% Cotton, they can also be used within your home to replace paper towels for hand drying, kitchen towels & disposable kitchen cloths. They're really soft to the touch, wash up beautifully and dry really quickly to!

Available in Black & White. Pack of 12 - £20.00

Amber Glass Pump Bottles

In our industry there is so much plastic. I now use beautiful glass pump bottles to contain all of the fluids I use in the studio, thankfully most of the plastic bottles that the fluids arrive in are recyclable.

I also use these bottles in the house to contain shampoo, conditioner, fabric washing liquid and conditioner and hand wash. Once I've emptied the bottles I head down to the Refill Eco Company in Woodbridge (my local refill shop) to top them back up!

x2 Amber Glass Bottles - £20.00

I was so excited when I was asked to be a Brand Ambassador for Eco Salon Supplies back in March! Take a look at their website - - and make a positive change or two!

You can even use my code ARK10 to save some pennies!


I hope you've enjoyed this weeks post. Comment below to tell us how you're making sustainable changes in your home or beauty studio! Why not share this blog post with a friend or tag us on social media! PS... you can find out Instagram & Facebook handles below!

In the next blog, lash extensions and lash lifts are the topic! If you have any questions about any lash treatment comment below or drop me a message!

See you in the next blog!

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