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Lash Extensions


Do you want to know how to keep your lashes looking as fresh as they day they were done? Well keep reading...


Brush Them!

Using a Bamboo lash wand (given to you at your appointment) brush your lashes at least twice a day. Please don't over brush your lashes as this can lead to premature fall out.


Say Goodbye To Mascara!

There is no need to wear mascara when you have beautiful new lash extensions, the use of mascara will damage your lash extensions and need a whole new set. So put that mascara in the bin! Also try to avoid heavy kohl based eyeliners, if you are wearing heavy eye make up be sure to remove it correctly using oil free remover.


Keep Them Clean!

Using the Purified Lash & Lid Cleanser (available at ARK), wash your lashes daily (after keeping them dry for 48hours). Ensure all soapy residue is removed and finished by blotting with a tissue. Brush your lashes and leave them to air dry. Please don't use a hairdryer as this can fry the ends of your extensions!


Pillow Talk!

Avoid laying face down on your pillow. If this is unavoidable it may be worth investing  in a sleep mask (drop ARK an email to get yours!). Be aware you may loose more lashes on your "Sleeping side".


Can't Touch This!

Resist temptation to touch/pick/pull at your lashes. This will damage our natural lashes as well as ruin your fresh set.


Fill 'Um Up!

Remember to get your lash infill in the diary to keep your lashes looking full and fabulous! Book every 3 weeks! I recommend booking at least 3-4 infills in advanced.

Lash Lift


Below you will find how to looked after your fresh Lifted Lashes!


Can't Handle The Heat!

Avoid using steam rooms, saunas or sunbeams for at least 48 hours post treatment. I also advise not to get your lashes wet for the first 48 hours.


Soft Touch!

Be gentle around your eyes, try not to rub them when washing your face, always pat dry and try not to avoid playing with the shape of the lashes.


Fresh Faced!

Try not to apply eye make up to the area for the first 48hour post lift. Water-proof mascara should be avoided at all times.


Pillow Talk!

Make sure to protect your lashes when you sleep, you dont want your lashes to be manipulated into different positions.


Date In The Diary!

Want to keep your lashes looking Lifted? Remember to get your next Lifted treatment booked in for 6-8 weeks time.

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