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ARK of Beauty stock a wide range of eco friendly and local made products from Soy Candles & Wax Melts to jewellery. Take a look below and if you would like to purchase any products please email us at

ARK of Scents

At ARK we create our own line of Soy Wax Candles & Wax Melts. We use 100% Soy Wax to make our hand-poured candles. Unlike paraffin based candles which are made from a by-product of petroleum/gasoline. Soy wax candles do not produce black soot or toxins when burned.


In addition once you've finished enjoying your candle if you return the glass container in a reusable condition, we plan to recycle and reuse it!

View our Core Collection of Soy Candles & Wax Melts by clicking below.

View our Autumn/Winter 2021 collection of Soy Candles & Wax Melts

by clicking below.

ARK of Scents also stock FM Fragrances, please get in contact

to view a list of perfumes.

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Gaiamoon Design


GaiaMoon is a showcase of the designs and artistry of Jan King, incorporating the beauty of nature, crystal energy healing and reiki.  Each piece of jewellery is unique and made with love.  


Jan can also design something especially for you. For custom pieces please email Jan 

Jewellery prices start from - £18.40

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